« Thank you mother ! » is a short cartoon we made with the Kyrgyz NGO « Open line », about the bride kidnapping and early wedding issues in Kyrgyzstan. 

The target audience of this cartoon is the 35-50 years old women. The purpose is to highlight the crucial mothers can play in such situations. How they can help their daughters to come back home and rebuild a normal life.

The story focuses on the relationship between a mother and her daughter, and reminds how a mother is present in each important step of the daughter life, how she protects her and helps her to grow, in any circumstances. Rather than showing images of violence I decided to use here weather elements.

This cartoon is our third collaboration with the NPO « Openline », so I hade the chance to develop and upgrade the characters and the style of our previous cartoon « Freedom of choice ».

This project was funded by the Sigrid Rausing Trust.
Scenario, Storyboard, Characters, Animation 
Nicolas Journoud

Robert Ziganshin

Lyazzat Ibraimhanova

Voice recording, mixing 
Boris Nikiforov

Project director 
Munara Beknazarova

Financial support 
Sigrid Rausing Trust

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