Summer - Autumn 2019

Together with the Danish Refugee Council team we created a serie of 22 comics strips for teenagers of Abkhazia about 4 topics: Environment, Children rights, Gender and Conflict resolution.
The aim of these comics was to initiate debate and discussion with simple and humoristic stories introducing 2 fictional characters, Eka (girl) and Inal (boy), teenagers from Abkhazia.

First sketch. Here Eka and Inal are about 10/12 years old. ​​​​​​​
We decided to make them a little bit older, not children but already teenagers.
On the illustration below they are 14/16
Comics strips

For each of the 4 topics DRC team proposed different situations and ideas for stories.
Scenarii and sketches were created specifically for local audience, introducing when possible concrete information (flora, fauna, geography, statistics) and checked by the team before finalization. 

Here below are 4 stories about Environment, Children rights, Gender and Conflict resolution.

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